Key Factors That Inhabit Personal Growth

Corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental entities have for years been grappling with the personal dilemmas of their employees. Hence, what has been transpiring for numerous years is the environment of living in an alienate existence. This situation has been so prevalent that it has been extremely costly to the American Society costing millions of dollars impacting all sectors of society. Laws in California have been introduced to review, assess and study the concept of promoting “Personal Self-Esteem” through the States Personal Self-Esteem Commission.

The employee attendance rate has been hindered; costing corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies millions and a workforce of disillusionment. Schools have been working with low attendance and communities have been concerned with the escalation of crime statistic and a wave of escalated gang violence in well to do communities.

The lack of personal self esteem and lack of a personal self development endeavors needs to be addressed. All citizens of the American society need to become leaders of the community and take a direct interest in motivating, nourishing, cultivating and learn to have genuine perspective of respect for one another. The situation of an alienated environment and ceasing to address the true principles that have substantive meaning must be adhere to.

One must learn to identify friends that truly care about one personal issue and have a positive impact to your growth. Identify the common denominator of potential friends. Learn to create a circle of friends that will share the same positive behavioral outcomes which will have a long lasting bonding effect on your personal growth.

During times of hardship learn to be a giver and share what you are learning the positive virtues of life. Be prepared to inspire and transform life of others whom need help with positive self-esteem and personal Non Profit Growth development. During times of economic recession, one needs to make the most of life and be prepared to instill the habits of happiness, joy and harmony. Identifying with an identified spiritual faith base philosophy is critical to understand.

Working with the deeds of positive behavior and thinking will combat the feelings of: anxiety, fear, stress and feeling overwhelmed and inundated. Therefore, leaving open a workforce open to change with a positive impact and communities where everyone could live in harmony. School will have in place Student retention rate that will embellish positive learning.

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