It’s Easy To Use eBay Auction Templates

For many eBay sellers it makes sense to use auction templates to list their items, instead of having no design at all. Using a pre-designed eBay auction template allows you to present your product in a professional way. In fact, recent research has shown that visitors stay longer on a well designed website compared to amateurish looking one. Well, this very same principle it also true for your eBay auction listing. The better your eBay auction listing looks, the longer they stay on your site and the greater is the chance that they place a bit. Watch your own buying behaviour when you buy something on eBay. You’ll be surprised why you placed a bid on a particular item.

Another big advantage of using eBay auction free powerpoint slides is, that even an absolute beginner and eBay newbie can use it and launch professional eBay auction listing instantly. Furthermore, you can re-use the same template over and over again. You can just add the text and description, upload the new pictures, make a link to the pictures in your new auction listing and you are ready to go. The best thing is that you can leave other details, like contact information, shipping details, company policy, payment instruction and a link to your ‘about me’ page all in place. There is no need for you to re-write it. This saves you precious time. You don’t need to know a lot of HTML. In fact modifying existing auction templates is easy as 1-2-3:

You read the free powerpoint themes file into your preferred WYSIWYG HTML editor. I personally love the ‘Composer’ program from Netscape. It’s free and has many features that only expensive HTML editor programs offer. The big advantage of designing your auction listing offline is that you have full control on the design process. I had many ugly looking auction sites, because I wanted to save time and use Internet Explorer, logged into my eBay account and tried to list an item online – ‘on-the-fly’. Big mistake! In fact, it took longer and the outcome was not convincing at all. I then decided to design the auction listing ‘offline’ first. I have used several HTML editor programs before but after I have tried Netscape ‘Composer’ I haven’t looked back to any other HTML editor. When I am happy with the site, I just save the source code to my hard disk and I can always re-use this template. Then you simply copy and paste the source code into the ‘eBay description’ box when you list your item. It’s just very easy…

There are thousands of eBay auction sites and even though there may be more than one eBay auction listing using the pre-designed auction free powerpoint backgrounds you choose, the likelihood of a visitor and potential buyer seeing both sites is not great. Every eBay auction site is unique in the products it presents. EBay auction templates present your item quickly and professionally without the hassle of designing an eBay auction listing from scratch.

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