Family Style Cookbooks

Fundraising ideas abound, but some are better than others. Some require hours and hours of hard work, like hosting a pancake or chili feed. Some fundraisers, such as car washes, are not only laborious, they are seasonal. Others mean sending your children out to go door-to-door selling expensive candy or popcorn.

I Prefer Family Style Cookbooks

OK. Creating a personalized recipe book isn’t “labor free,” but what time you do spend on it isn’t out in the cold, nor do you need to get wet in a parking lot while cleaning someone else’s car. In fact, much of it can be done while you are sitting at your computer.


Fundraising cookbooks have been around for decades. One cookbook printer of which I am aware has been in business since 1947. If cookbooks weren’t a viable product for raising money they wouldn’t still be in business. Cookbooks that are filled with the best recipes from the finest cooks in your organization or community are ever popular. As my wife says, “Too many cookbooks aren’t enough.” She buys them not simply because the money goes to a good cause or charity, she enjoys the history that goes with them. As she pages through the recipes, she notes the names of the contributor. “I remember old Mrs. Smith! She used to give us kids cookies when we played in her yard!” Some personalized cookbooks have special pages that have dedications and acknowledgements. They are completely unique.


There are some basic steps you should follow to design a cookbook. The on-line cookbook publisher you choose should have more details about them, so I’ll just highlight a few points here.


  • Form Your Cookbook Committee
  • Gather And Organize Your Recipes
  • Design Your Cookbook
  • Sell Advertising
  • Place Your Order
  • Market Your Cookbook


Obviously you need a committee to organize the entire affair. in10sityfitnessunited They will determine when, who, and how. Once that is in order you will begin gathering recipes. Historically, people are generally eager to supply you with recipes. A lot are anxious to help because of the reason you are doing it, but they also realize that their names will be associated with each submission. Everyone that uses the cookbook will realize that “Mrs. Smith” provided her favorite and locally famous lasagna recipe.

When you have the needed recipes for your cookbook, the design is next. A good publisher will allow you to have as much – or as little – control of the design as you wish. You can select different formats, styles, types of pictures or graphics, ink and paper stock, and if you want dedication or other special pages. Additionally you can dictate the way it is organized and what type of dividers and cover you want. If your publisher requires that you choose from a handful of templates, I would suggest you move on to another on-line cookbook publisher.

Advertising is an optional step. Local businesses are usually willing to pay to have their business noted on special pages in a fundraising cookbook. They get a good return on investment because their ads will be there for years to come. It can really help your organization raise extra cash. Those businesses can assist with your marketing, too. They may allow you to put up a poster even before the cookbooks are available, and you could be making sales ahead of time. Once the books are printed you can sell them at street fairs, in stores that have purchased advertising, or even try the door-to-door trick.

I have just touched on the process of creating a fundraising cookbook. If you think that this is the type of project for you, find a reputable cookbook publisher by checking out their website. Once you find a good one, you’ll know it. Start today and begin raising money for your favorite cause, club, or charity.

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