Cook Once a Month, And Store Your Food

My sister is a stay at home mom responsible for the well being and feeding of her nine children and husband. She loves her job and is proud at how smoothly her household runs. She has six daughters ranging in age from nineteen to three, and her three sons are fourteen, thirteen and seven. Needless to say one of the more challenging tasks is to prepare meals that will keep everyone healthy and happy. This task became simpler once she purchased the advanced design vacuum food sealer.

With a vacuum food sealer, my sister is able to buy groceries from the wholesale store or from the discount grocer and store them for future use. By buying in bulk, she is able to save a nice amount of money. The money she is able to save by buying in large quantities is set aside and is used by the entire family on a special event, such as a day at the amusement park or a night to the movies. Activities that seem routine to most people can be very pricey for the family of twelve.

Most of the groceries are cut up unprepared or cooked, and divided to be vacuum-sealed with the vacuum food sealer. Some she keeps out to prepare dinners for a month that she makes and freezes to be pulled out each evening. This cuts down on the time spent cooking each day. With the help of marinating canisters that she bought when she bought the main vacuum food sealer, she is able to have meat marinating while she is preparing chili on one burner and stew on the other. Veggies are placed parboiled along with butter and spices into plastic bags, which she seals and freezes. Fruit is either cut into bite-size pieces, sealed and frozen, or it is placed in a marinating canister with honey and spices to soak for later pureeing.

Once the chili, stew and other main dishes have cooled down enough to be packaged, she divides them into dinner-sized portions. Then she vacuum seals them and tosses them into the freezer. She labels each bag with the date and with the contents to make later searches easier.
Fruit pieces are also frozen, but the compote is kept in the serving size containers that can be purchased to be used with the vacuum food sealer. By removing most of the air in the container, the compote lasts longer in the refrigerator.

By cooking large quantities of food at the beginning of each month, the family is not only able to save money to be used on a special day they also are guaranteed a healthy and great tasting meal each night. Everyone is able to participate in the preparation of the meal. The younger ones can set the table while the older ones re-heat the main course in the microwave or by dropping the bags of frozen chili or stew into boiling water to heat. Veggies can be placed in the microwave and the compote can be served directly in the attractive vacuum sealing containers. In less than thirty minutes the family is able to prepare and serve a delicious and garden cup fresh tasting feast.

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