8 Tips For The Self-Help Escape In The Home Fire

(1) Family members should understand the basic method of fire escape necessarily, be familiar with a few escape routes, not lust property.

(2) When there is fire outside, and the door is hot, do not open the door in order to prevent the fires fleeing into the room. Use wet bedding, clothing etc to block the door, and splash water to make it cool.

(3) With the fire threat, you must act decisively to put wet online escape room clothes, blankets etc to rush out to the safe place.

(4) When you escape through the smoke, you should try to keep the body close to the ground, and enclose the nose and mouth with a wet towel.

(5) If all fire escape routes are blocked, you should immediately return to the room, with a dozen flashlights, waving clothing, calls, etc. to send distress signals to the window, waiting for rescuing.

(6) You should not take the elevator when fire. And escape to the safety of export orientation.

(7) When you are on fire, do not run, you can roll or suppress the flames with heavy clothing.

(8) Do not jump blindly, you can use the evacuation slides, water pipe, etc. to self-help escape. You can also use a rope, the sheets or the quilt to torn into strips with a rope tied tightly in the window bar, heating pipes, iron bars and other fixtures, and protect your palm of the hand by the cloth, go down by the wall, or down to no fire floor and out of danger.

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